Conditions are generally settled during the summer (December - March) and Autumn (April-May) months. During Spring (September, October and November) the weather can be more unsettled, and the Winter months (June - August) are generally cold, but the weather can be settled with blue skies and light winds.

The annual rainfall is 682mm, just half the national average, with most occurring in the spring months. The average summer temperature is 24C, and winter drops to 10C. Wanaka is based close to the mountains, and the weather can change rapidly when we are out on the rivers. For this reason, we always head off prepared for a changeable day, with some extra clothing and a raincoat if the weather turns suddenly.

As with all fishing areas in New Zealand, the wind can blow down the river valleys, making casting difficult for the inexperienced angler. We spend alot of time re-enforcing the principals of good casting technique to combat this problem, and in fact many times we manage to use the wind to our advantage.

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