Local Fishing

Wanaka is undoubtedly one of the leading “classrooms” for both learning and improving fly fishing skills. 

Its iconic natural and diverse features loan themselves to exploring the many types and styles of fly fishing available to any budding piscatorial scholar, from absolute beginners, to those more intermediate and advanced anglers wishing to improve their presentation and casting techniques.

Gin clear waters abound – from small intimate mountain streams to large freestone rivers. These, together with some of NZ”s most pristine lakes, form the very backbone of what is on offer to students wanting to embark on a fly fishing journey for the first time. 

Additionally, the sheer diversity of venues better equips the more experienced anglers who want to broaden their skills to not only successfully fly fish in NZ but also to successfully apply those skills to venues throughout the world.

Wanaka enjoys both river and lake fishing throughout the whole year. While Lowland rivers are open from Oct 1st – 30th April and Backcountry rivers from 1st Nov- 31st May, the three major lakes are open all year as are some parts of several local rivers.

Stalking the wild brown and rainbow trout in these clear waters, coupled with Wanaka’s stunningly diverse backdrops, makes the whole “serious business of learning” such a memorable and fulfilling experience. 

Craig and Ian are both International Fly Fishing Federation casting instructors, and with a wealth of trout guiding experience, they have amassed a dynamic array of casting techniques and skills that are designed to quickly “fast track” improvements in casting. 

Their in-depth local, national and international fisheries experience and knowledge make them incredibly well qualified to instruct in all aspects of fly fishing

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