The aim of our fly fishing academy is to give people skills and knowledge of fly fishing, while having a great holiday in Wanaka New Zealand, and leave with the confidence and enthusiasm to fly fish in the future.

People take up fly fishing for a variety of reasons, whether it is fishing with friends in beautiful places, or the idea of quiet solitude on a backcountry river.

Course options

Wanaka Fly Fishing Academy offers several course options for people who have either recently discovered fly fishing, or it has been a long held ideal, and always on the "to do", list, or they have had some experience, but never seem to get to the level where they can fly fish with confidence and enjoy it.

We are also happy to spread a 3 day course over 5 days if time permits, so the 3 day intensive would run Monday Wednesday Friday, with Tues and Thurs used to explore the other activities Wanaka has to offer. There is no extra charge for this, and you can still take advantage of the great room rates we have secured

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