November 2016

At last, the Backcountry waters around Wanaka open on November 1, with the other waters further North in the Central South Island opening on
November 5!

Expect plenty of anglers to be out and about, so make sure you remain polite and positive with any “encounters”!

The weather forecast is for lovely calm settled weather right up to 7am opening day, and then if really turns to crap! Let's hope I'm wrong!
With all waters open, it gives us plenty of options to apply our fishing skills.

We have a week long course running in the first week of November, and look forward to our students enjoying some clear water conditions will all the options available. As always, the first few days of the course are spent concentrating on the learning aspect of fly fishing, so the weather doesn't have much of an impact on us. When we are ready to get out on the water, we always have fishable options up our sleeve it the weather continues to be rough.

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